Trommeln  -  magic drums

ich danke euch ! Momentan sind alle Trommeln ausverkauft, eine 46 cm Schamanentrommel ist für euch in der Entstehung:

patience please:       this shaman drum is still in process:

Thanks. This sacred drum is arrived in Australia now:

Danke,diese heilige Trommel ist in Australien angekommen:

Thanks, this wolf drum travels now to a little island near Madagascar:

DAnke, diese Wolf Trommel fliegt gerade zu einer kleinen Insel bei Madagaskar:

shaman dream drum : "flying souls" - with feathers:

this beautiful drum  isn't for sell,it wants to stay with me.thanks so much

magic sacred "Oregon"wolf drum - painted in Berlin:

other selled dream drums, thanks & enjoy:

Thanks for looking around , any questions? please contact me

more drums coming soon